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Start window shopping online but before you do, get an idea of how much you can afford by using the Affordability Calculator.  After finding out how much you can afford, begin visiting popular home shopping sites like Zillow.com and Realtor.com or smaller specialty sites like WelcometoSanDiego.com or PlanARealEstate.com.  Make notes about the properties and features that you like when visiting the sites.  Make note of the properties you see for sale while driving through the area where you live; look those properties up online when you return home.  This is also the time to start looking at home loans, even if you are a year or two away from purchasing.
Prequalification is the process of having your credit, income, and assets evaluated for the purpose of getting you approved for a home loan.  Prequalification involves completing an application, reviewing documents like W2s and Paycheck stubs, pulling your Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian credit reports, checking out bank statements, and a few other items.  The prequalification process might appear complicated, but it’s quick and easy.  You will be issued a Prequalification Letter once complete.  Your next step is to connect with a real estate agent.  The agent will want to know that you are prequalified.

Make homeownership a reality! Click on this Home Affordability Calculator link to see how much of a dwelling you can afford. Window shopping for houses online is really fun, but it’s even more fun knowing that you can afford the homes you are looking at. The Affordability Calculator is an effortless way to start the process of turning dreams into reality. Click on the Video icon at the top of this paragraph to view a demonstration.

Did you know that many homes can be purchased with a down payment of only 3% using a conventional loan?  Yes, you can purchase a home with a 3% down payment and there are no special requirements to qualify.  You will have Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) since you are putting less than 20% down, but you can drop the PMI as soon as you have enough equity. United Real Estate Capital would love to help you purchase your next home with 3% down.

Real Estate Agent/Broker Spotlight 
Contact an area expert like Chad Dannecker of Dannecker & Associates if you are considering purchasing a beautiful low or high-rise condominium in Downtown San Diego. His website is easier to navigate than Zillow and you’ll have a lot of fun browsing while using the Affordability Calculator.  Click image below to visit his site.
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Christopher Ojeda of Hospitality Homes is a consummate real estate professional and personal friend of over 30-years who services Kansas City and the surrounding areas.  Do yourself a favor and contact him if you are considering purchasing or selling in that area.  Click on the image below to visit his site.
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