My goal is to create positive change in the mortgage industry, one loan at a time. I want positive change not only for consumers, but for mortgage loan originator employees also.

Mortgage companies and banks are not inherently bad. It’s just that our industry has become super competitive in the past 20 years. Many companies feel they must use aggressive marketing and sales tactics in order to compete. Consumers have been experiencing this form of aggressive sales and marketing for so long that it has become the norm for them.

A licensed Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) is the professional you should be talking to when you contact a company regarding a mortgage loan. The MLO develops a solution for your scenario with two or more options – which includes two or more interest rates - and advises you on the best course of action. Advising is the most important part of a mortgage loan originator’s job. The MLO must have a high degree of product knowledge as well as extensive experience working with customers in order to properly advise. It’s extremely difficult for companies to staff their teams with experienced mortgage loan originators, especially for large organizations. In lieu of experienced MLOs, many companies hire inexperienced individuals who simply sell rates and fees; they seldom create a solution with options that will work the best for your scenario, as they are supposed to do.

Finally, there is bad mortgage information everywhere - Inaccurate, outdated, and just bad. This bad mortgage information comes from “professionals” outside of the mortgage industry, inexperienced individuals in the mortgage industry, and hearsay; it’s online, offline, and everywhere in between.

Aggressive sales and marketing, inexperienced mortgage loan originators, and bad mortgage information are a recipe for consumers and homeowners to lose money. All you need is a little lackluster customer service to make things really bad.

Did you know that many of the large mortgage companies and banks are constantly looking for ways to steal money from their mortgage loan originators? 99.99% of MLOs receive the bulk of their compensation from commissions. Most were paid 100% commission until relatively recent laws forced companies to give a measly hourly stipend that barely covers gas and food. Unbelievably, those greedy companies still attack the commission pay of their mortgage loan originators on a regular basis; they constantly devise schemes to reduce the amount of commissions paid to MLOs instead of lowering the compensation of their overpaid executives.

If you can’t treat your employees with respect, what will you do to your customers?

You can help by doing business with our company. In return, you’ll receive the most transparency you’ve probably ever received, expert advice, and one heck of a great deal on your interest rate and fees. Get a great loan and make a difference today.


Founder, United Real Estate Capital

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